Women Wanting Wool

Coordinators: Virginia Devoto, Isabella Pisano, Elena Ciani

Women Wanting Wool is an inspiring project centred on the determination to restore raw wool in its undeniable value as a truly sustainable material, rich in properties and applications in various industrial production processes within the bio-based sector.

The team including Virginia, Isabella and Elena has been established with the objective of creating an open, interconnected, and interdependent system through a chain of common collaborations on the wool theme. Their competencies range from industrial biotechnology, deep ecology and deep democracy, to animal genetics. The researchers have experience with stakeholder engagement, support to market uptake and start-up mentorship.

The WWW team, conveying women's perspectives and experiences, will create open participative discussions, scouting qualitative solutions, launching strategic modelling and best practices, about the use of sheep wool in the renewable heating and cooling sector, into a paradigm shift for Green Cities/Communities.

The collaboration with W4RES allows to build solid foundations for the possible WWW future implementations, through international projects development and business support services offered by the consortium.

The WWW project/team will be shaped by a fruitful mobilisation of available knowledge generated by cultural and scientific research about the intrinsic characteristics of sheep wool and its related contexts and processes. All in all, the project walks with the intention and expectation of contributing towards restoring a prominent role for women in the regeneration processes of wool, within an innovative perspective and above all in an integrated way with territories and communities.

The final results will be the activation of an organic and ‘bio-diverse’ network by collecting the different voices from all the fields of the wool value chain:

  • Breeders
  • Collectors (Farmer Groups, Cooperatives, Associations, Transport, Logistic and Distribution services)
  • Wool Brokers, Exporters and Buyers
  • Wool Processors (Shearing and Grading, Washing and Scouring, Blending, Dyeing, Carding and Combing, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Felting, Needling and all the industrial activities connected on the production of wool panels)

All potential and/or effective ‘End-Users’ of wool products and applications in a Green cities/Communities view.

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