W4RES webinars

W4RES aims to offer a capacity building program for international stakeholders of the RHC sector through a series of 10 webinars during two rounds (May-October 2022 and November 2022 – June 2023). The first round of 5 webinars has taken participants along different steps towards women empowerment and gender equality in the RHC sector.

The first webinar has launched the series by introducing core knowledge on the understanding of the topic relevance, it has been followed by the introduction and the practice of selected gender tools for private sector (energy utilities, energy communities, etc.) and decision makers. Also, participants have been invited to participate in the selection of the last webinar’s topic by voting for their priorities /preferences which helped us to identify the most relevant tool to engage the RHC sector towards gender balance. This program has been delivered by WECF with different energy experts guests.

In continuation of the W4RES webinar series, WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future) and ECWT (European Centre for Women and Technology) organised and delivered the second round of the 5-webinar series from January 2023 onwards. WECF conducted the two webinars, first on understanding how energy poverty and invisible energy poverty impact low-income households and gender and, more importantly, the mitigation strategies for the RHC sector and secondly to accelerate women and all-gender recruitment within the scope of the existing diversity recruitment methods. At the same time, ECWT organised three webinars focusing on Norway, Nordics and the European perspective providing a deeper insight into the strategies for gender equality in the sector as well as remaining challenges women must struggle with to carry out their research and entrepreneurship.


Watch the recordings here.