Visit to an Italian energy community

The event "W4RES meets the Energy community of Gallese: an example for Italy in Lazio Region" took place last 30 and 31 January at the Gallese (VT) energy community.

The visit to the “biofattoria Cupidi” and the workshop that followed were an opportunity for participants and hosts to exchange good practices and experiences on circular agriculture, clean and sustainable energy production and professional opportunities for women in these sectors. Issues related to policies that revolve around the activation and maintenance of an energy community in Italy and those related to sustainable solutions to produce energy for heating and cooling were also addressed.

The event was a networking success with participants who were very willing to collaborate with the W4RES project and among themselves, opening up new solutions from the perspective of professional growth.

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Energy communities represent an immense value – economically, environmentally, and socially. How can we create better frameworks and conditions for energy communities as a part of the green transition? What is the potential of a joint organization of energy communities? At the W4RES Capacity Building Seminar and Mutual Learning Workshop in Denmark, Copenhagen, organized on […]