Speed-up Energy-Transition Korbach

Coordinator: Dr. Christina Sager-Klauß

Small and medium sized cities and communities face the challenges of having to provide all communal services with a limited staff of diverse competences. Tasks outside the scope of mandatory municipal duties are rarely pursued with full consistency, even when they involve key sustainability and future issues.

Municipal heat planning provides the guardrails for urban development and sustainable transformation of infrastructures for the energy transition in cities in rural areas. Roles and focal points for action are defined and projects prioritized on the basis of the variety of problems addressed. The political anchoring and the involvement of the local population are the basis for the implementation in practice.

Hansestadt Korbach Luftbild Museum

The project serves this process by providing a sound data basis and potential analysis to base future concepts and strategies upon.

Through W4RES, SPEED-UP ENERGY-TRANSITION Korbach (SET-Korbach) is getting support to develop an action plan for the heating & cooling transition.

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Energy communities represent an immense value – economically, environmentally, and socially. How can we create better frameworks and conditions for energy communities as a part of the green transition? What is the potential of a joint organization of energy communities? At the W4RES Capacity Building Seminar and Mutual Learning Workshop in Denmark, Copenhagen, organized on […]

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On the morning of April 4th, the W4RES project team hosted one of its 8 Gender Mainstreaming for the energy sector seminars, which was attended by professionals from various organizations in Belgium’s renewable energy sector. Edora, CLEF, Luminus, and EUREC were among the organizations represented at the event co organised by the regional hub manager […]