Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming for the energy sector organised in Brussels

On the morning of April 4th, the W4RES project team hosted one of its 8 Gender Mainstreaming for the energy sector seminars, which was attended by professionals from various organizations in Belgium's renewable energy sector. Edora, CLEF, Luminus, and EUREC were among the organizations represented at the event co organised by the regional hub manager for Belgium White Research, in collaboration with Edora and EUREC.

Reflecting the core of the W4RES project vision, the seminar provided essential concepts and definitions covering important topics such as gender mainstreaming and explored its relationship with the energy sector. The participants were presented with an overview of useful tools and instruments that they could use to build a more inclusive future for their companies and the sector. These methodologies, guidelines and examples included Gender Self-Assessment, the collection and use of gender and sex-disaggregated data, the design of gender-responsive indicators and strategies for gender just communication. The participants were also provided with an overview of examples of women and family-friendly policies and processes to support women leadership and empowerment.

A methodology for the development of a Gender Action Plan was also presented, and the attendees had the opportunity to design their own during the co-creation session. This session provided a first hands-on experience and practical tips and tools that participants could use in their organizations to increase gender diversity and inclusion.

The seminar was well-received by the attendees, who appreciated the interactive nature of the sessions and the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with their peers. The W4RES project team emphasized the importance of gender mainstreaming in the energy sector and society as a whole, and the need to create a more inclusive future for the industry.

Overall, the Seminar provided valuable insights and resources for participants to use in their organizations to increase gender diversity and inclusion. The W4RES project team will continue to support the involvement of women across all levels of the renewable energy sector with similar events and the other activities in the 8 EU regions in the coming weeks.

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