RHC Market Uptake Reports

W4RES reports geographical scope is Europe with focus on 8 diverse yet representative markets within the heating and cooling sector: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, and Slovakia. These reports will focus on: current European conditions hindering or favouring the uptake of RES in heating and cooling; challenges and recommendations for the beforementioned countries; and, on how women can tackle market uptake barriers and drive the deployment of RHC solutions.

These reports will offer you:

  1. A summarised database of projects (ongoing or finalised) in the 8 representative markets including: good practices and lessons learned, the local regulatory frame, stakeholders.
  2. The analysis of 8 countries based on the local RHC opportunities and challenges and draft recommendations on how to shape the project’s measures to these profiles.
  3. The assessment of said profiles along with their gender dimension will give an insight into the development of case studies of women driven RHC solutions.
  4. The records of successful cases of women driving RHC market uptake in business, policy and society will not only inspire but also motivate other women to join the eco-system.


W4RES Reports