GreenIZOLA: the transformation of an administrative building in Kosice into an active green structure

Coordinator of the project:
Zuzana Vranayová

GreenIZOLA is a vision of a gradual green conversion of the premises of the construction company IZOLA Košice, s.r.o., established in cooperation with the Technical University in Košice (Slovakia). This vision represents a set of complex measures, the result of which is a logically, economically and environmentally justified proposal for the green conversion of the chosen building.

The project is divided into separate stages, in which the individual parts of the complex and the building are gradually transformed into structures with the potential for retaining rainwater as well as study energy and environment effect of the green structures with synergy of progressive HVAC systems and RES application in the experimental building.

The proposed architectural structures create the potential for the creation of experimental structures designed for multidisciplinary research of synergistic links between the buildings, different energy sources (heat pumps, solar systems) and progressive HVAC systems. Testing of building structures with a vegetation layer is the research ambition of many university workplaces and development centres in the world.

The main aim is to choose the proper type of vegetation suitable for the given conditions, the influence of the vegetation roof on the building and its systems from the point of view the environment, overheating of the buildings, and elimination of the so-called heat islands and creation of proper indoor environment.

W4RES partner, Hochschule Fur Technik Stuttgart, provides the following support measures: cooperation on simulation methods and models, mutual exchange of experience and data, organisation of 7 prospective meetings to the potential consortium within the Horizon event.

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W4RES, the EU-funded project which aims at empowering women in the Renewable Heating and Cooling sector, is supporting more than 50 women-led projects in 10 countries. Read the full press release here.

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On 18th January 2023, Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) presented the first webinar of the new webinar series for capacity building on gender mainstreaming and women empowerment in the renewable heating and cooling sector (RHC). The exploding energy prices and their impact led us to talk about this topic in the webinar. Hence, […]

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PEDAL Consulting, in collaboration with the Friends of the Earth-CEPA, Bankwatch Network and its RegENERate project, organised another workshop from the W4RES initiative series. This time experts met in Bratislava, on 16 and 17 January 2023 and focused on fostering cross-regional mutual learning; facilitation of international cooperation as well as the exchange of good practices between […]

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The European University Institute (EUI) in Florence has launched “Lights on women“, a new database of women experts in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors. The Energybase is a multi-side, matchmaking platform where the demand for diverse talent meets supply. Two user types (talents and searchers) will be matched through the database and will be […]

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We are back! W4RES continues its webinar series on gender mainstreaming, women empowerment and leadership in the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sector.  Join us on 18 January at 10 am CET for round 2!

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The EUSEW Woman in Energy Award recognises women who lead outstanding activities that, if replicated, help to advance the clean energy transition in Europe. Particular attention is placed on efforts to drive the gender mainstreaming agenda and support equality and equal opportunities in the energy sector. The EUSEW Woman in Energy Award highlights outstanding activities, projects or […]