First COST Connect on Advancing Gender Equality

On 29 April 2021, the first European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Connect was held to contribute to the ongoing debate on the topic of advancing gender equality and to offer a platform for participants to discuss and network. The event brought together a wide range of ambassadors of gender equality, including researchers, innovators from COST Actions, and European Union policy stakeholders.

As a core value of the European Union, gender equality is a key principle to strive for in European research and innovation. In order to take scientific excellence to the next level and deliver science-based solutions to the many urgent and pressing global challenges, it is essential to fully tap into the European talent pool of researchers and innovators. This necessitates an inclusive approach to the talent pool and a concerted effort to close the gender gap and ensure that women can develop their talents fully. While significant progress has been made over the last decades, we are still a long way from achieving full gender equality. The COST Connect event centred around the challenges of getting more women to participate in research and innovation, particularly in leadership positions, and advancing gender mainstreaming in research and innovation organisations.

Participants specifically discussed the structural barriers that prevent women from pursuing a career in research and innovation; the gaps in policy approaches that are currently in place; what can be done to make research careers more attractive to female researchers; and what can be done to better support female researchers in their career progression. Some key points of discussions included the importance of providing access to childcare facilities; ensuring effective work-life balance policies for women and men; and removing (unconscious) gender bias and gender stereotypes.

More information on the event and useful resources on the gender equality:

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We are pleased to announce the publication of the last issue of the W4RES project. The newsletter is available here.

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W4RES held its final event as part of “RE-Energising Europe”, a two-day event on 24 and 25 October in Brussels where 7 EU-funded projects (BECoop, Micat, NEWTrends, NRG2Peers, UP-STAIRS and NUDGE) joined forces to organise joint-sessions focusing on energy communities, energy efficiency, energy behaviour, gender equality and new trends.

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You want to improve gender equality in the renewable energy sector? You’re missing arguments or guidelines on how to implement it? Check out our W4RES tool!

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19 October 2023 – W4RES, the EU-funded project which aims at calling up the involvement of women in the market deployment and uptake of RHC solutions, will publish a report with policy recommendations aiming at creating a more competitive, inclusive and gender-responsive Renewable Heating and Cooling landscape.

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Ihsane Haouach is a social entrepreneur, author, trainer, and speaker, dedicated to promoting equal and sustainable transitions. Alongside international projects targeting an efficient and effective organisation, she founded several non-profit initiatives aimed at promoting equity. As a consultant and trainer, she intervenes to improve organisations’ societal impact. Her experience and skills from both the corporate […]

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Bipasha Baruah is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues at Western University.