“Women science and innovation for a competitive Sardinia”: APRE presents W4RES as a success case

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Event date :
24 February 2023
Location :

Hosted by the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities together with Sardegna Ricerche, the event will be the occasion to explore the role of research in Sardinia and the opportunities of STEM subjects as a path of study and research for young women and to introduce some Sardinian excellence in research and technology.

W4RES, presented by Serena Fabbrini (Regional HUB Manager for Italy), is considered a successful case for the involvement of women in science, as the project focuses on the possibility to empower female presence in the RHC sector.

More information (in Italian): https://www.regione.sardegna.it/j/v/2568?s=446632&v=2&c=6578&t=1