Women in the energy transition: grievances and solutions

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Event date :
5 December 2022
Location :

Women are increasingly acting as the catalysers of change in many aspects of the energy transition. Specifically, they take on essential roles as policy-makers, professionals, and energy consumers. Yet they are still far from having equal access to job opportunities and leadership roles, equal representation in positions of authority, and even decision-making powers regarding household energy consumption.  

The ongoing global energy transition opens up new, more sustainable career pathways able to reshape all energy production and distribution aspects. For women, in particular, this policy shift offers an unprecedented chance to claim their role in the energy sector, while harnessing the advancement opportunities offered by clean energy technologies.  

In this hybrid event, we will look at the challenges women face in the energy and climate sectors as consumers, professionals and policymakers and solutions to their grievances that can be delivered in the energy transition framework.  

This event will happen in the context of FSR’s annual Policy Advisory Council event – and will comprise a panel about gender equality in the energy sector and the official opening of registrations for the newly-released Lights on Women database, the Energybase. 

Programme and registration: https://fsr.eui.eu/event/women-in-the-energy-transition-grievances-and-solutions/