Webinar “Supporting energy communities in tackling energy poverty and gender inequality: skill up!”

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Event date :
12 June 2023
Location :

With the increase of energy prices, more citizens are likely to fall into energy poverty. Since women are considered the main users of energy in the household and face more barriers, they are usually more affected by energy poverty.

This webinar, organised by the BeCoop, DECIDE, POWERPOOR and W4RES projects, will have two objectives. On the one hand, we will highlight initiatives that aim to include energy poor consumers and tackle energy poverty. On another hand, we will empower policy makers, energy experts, energy communities and local authorities to increase the inclusiveness of the energy sector through the development of skills and the use of tools.

Our webinar will also address associations, researchers, and the general public. The first panel will focus on how to get out of energy poverty. Discussions will showcase positive and negative experiences from projects and citizens-led initiatives, as well as policy recommendations for training citizens on energy issues, and how to provide people with meaningful skills to take ownership and make decisions in the energy system.

The second panel will focus on gender equality. We will present best practices to include women in the clean transition and renewable energy sector, and recommendations to further inclusion by developing skills to give them an easier access to energy efficient behaviour.