Webinar: Photovoltaic solutions to tackle energy poverty in the Mediterranean with a gender perspective

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Event date :
17 February 2022
Location :

EmpowerMed partners organise a webinar on Thursday 17 February at 14:00 CET for local actors on how to work with communities affected by energy poverty, especially women, for deploying simple photovoltaic (PV) concepts to tackle problems with access to energy.

The content will mix information, feedbacks from grassroots experiences and discussions:

  • Potential and challenges of tackling energy poverty through photovoltaic solutions
  • Photovoltaic concepts for households and communities affected by energy poverty – POWERTY project
  • Mobilisation of community, especially women, for development and implementation of PV projects: experiences from the ground
  • Discussion: limitations and obstacles for PV deployment, possible advocacy demands and steps, gender perspective

For more detailed, download the complete program.