W4RES Webinar on the “Impact of energy prices on energy poverty and gender equality and RHC opportunities for mitigation”

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18 January 2023
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Ready for a 2nd round? We are back! W4RES continues its webinar series on gender mainstreaming, women empowerment and leadership in the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sector.

WECF will kick off with the first webinar on 18 January 2023, at 10 am CET, on Impact of energy prices on energy poverty and gender equality and RHC opportunities for mitigation

It could hardly have escaped your notice. Everyone is feeling the consequences of the rising energy prices. However, the crisis is exacerbating the existing inequalities the energy sector faces. Inequalities in access to secure, cheap and sustainable energy, inequalities in access to energy literacy or in access to adapted energy services. Our webinar focuses on the gendered impacts of the crisis and of energy poverty overall and on the mitigation approaches the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sector can offer!

Louise Sunderland (RAP) will kick off the webinar by introducing the recently published study on the impacts of energy prices on low-income households. Hereafter, we take you along in the gender dimension of energy poverty, how energy poverty is often invisible and what are the gender-just RHC mitigation approaches that can be adopted to reduce energy poverty. Finally, you will be invited to work on the implementation of such mitigation measures in group sessions and hopefully bringing back home some new inspiring insights for solutions.  

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The next phases of our webinar series are given below:

  • Webinar n°6 - Impact of energy prices on energy poverty, gender equality and RHC opportunities – 18th January 2023 (WECF) 
  • Webinar n°7 - Added value of women in innovation in RHC & RES –  22nd Feb 2023  (ECWT)
  • Webinar n°8 - Diversity recruitment strategies – 22nd March, 2023  (WECF)
  • Webinar n°9 - SINTEF - RHC - DEIS - The Norwegian Perspective –  19th April 2023 (ECWT)
  • Webinar n°10 - RHC - RES - DEIS The Nordic Outlook – 24th May 2023 (ECWT) 

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