Energietage 2022

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Event date :
6 May 2022
Location :

WECF, SEZ and HFT will attend the Berliner Energietage online conference (in German) on 6 May.

In order to switch to 100% renewable energy and decentralised structures, our energy system will inevitably change significantly. New technologies, business models and social change require more flexibility and diversity to take into account the perspectives of different social groups. Greater participation of women in all areas of the energy sector is fundamentally advocated by many. And yet it is not only Germany that is far from having a diverse structure of actors, which acts as a brake on a dynamic energy transition. What opportunities arise for the energy transition through a higher proportion of women and more gender equality? What barriers exist and what approaches and instruments must be used to overcome them? How can networks, support programmes and more gender awareness help to make the sector more appealing to women?

They will present W4RES and explain how barriers can be overcome and gender instruments and inclusive business models can be applied.