Ecomondo 2022

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Event date :
10 November 2022
Location :
Rimini (Italy)

On the 10th of November the workshop “Women Entrepreneurship in Green Tech” will take place with the participation of many high-level speakers.

On 10 November at 15.50, a session will be dedicated to W4RES, with the participation of Serena Fabbrini (APRE), Ioannis Konstas (Q-Plan) and Marilys Louvet (WECF).

Please find the agenda here: 

This will be the occasion to meet women leaders and role models in sustainability and green tech, debate the role of women in driving the green transition. Come and learn about global networks, initiatives and programs aiming at advancing women participation to the green economy by creating opportunities and closing the gaps at different levels. 

Live streaming of the event can be followed via the Ecomondo and Key Energy Digital Platform "Green Tech Insights".

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