About Us

A 3-year EU-funded project aiming at the involvement of women to support market uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling

W4RES, a new Horizon 2020 project, kicked off the 1st of November 2020 and will run until October 2023 by an international consortium of 12 partners coming from 8 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Slovakia. A balanced union joining forces and expertise on renewable energy sources research & advocacy, innovative business lines development and women advocacy.

The Heating and Cooling market represents 50% of the total energy consumed in Europe per year

The Heating and Cooling market represents 50% of the total energy consumed in Europe per year for either domestic, or industrial purposes. Based on Heating and Cooling market’s high dependence on fossil fuels, W4RES market-oriented action plan tackles the need of phasing out fossil fuels in Europe and replacing them by renewable energy sources (RES) in a gender-responsive scenario.

W4RES project aims on scaling-up the involvement of women in the market deployment and uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) solutions via replicable support measures tested and validated across the 8 respective countries. The basic project concept stems from the recognition that women hold great promise as agents of change, helping us make Europe independent from fossil fuels and progress faster towards our climate and energy targets for 2030.

Navigate through this website sections to learn more about the project and consult the ‘CORDIS EU research results’ summary on W4RES here.